Harley is a gift from God.

This is why Harley is like my all time favorite!

Why did they leave out the best part of this scene?;





The character development of Harley is probably one of the better things DC has done with their characters.

It’s so sad that editorially mandated awful story decisions put me off the Injustice universe forever.

Tom Taylor is an excellent writer in general and this specifically is incredible.

Love Harley’s outfit here too.



The other reason for introducing Wilson so early in the film was that they wanted him to appear before any conspiracy elements started showing up, helping to show the character as trustworthy, allowing Rogers to seek his help in the middle of the movie.”

There were debates…

Well, and Joe Johnson. But yes. No other Marvel franchise innately *gets* film genre aesthetic the way the Cap movies do. Having Natasha be the love interest would have sold out the genre of Cap 2 just as much as the characters. See, male gaze and the objectification of women isn’t just bad for female characters, it’s bad for the story. Johnson also got this with Peggy.

The Cap franchise is by far the best for all these reasons and more.



I’ve decided my next art print really, really needs to be Wonder Woman. Producing an art print takes me total 1-2 weeks, so I don’t do them willy-nilly. I’ve been trying to decide on what kind of pose I want to do with her.

I definitely don’t want her just standing there or in any kind of sex…

 photo E2AB907E-64B9-42B3-A57E-73C61E892D92_zpsajywlswy.gif