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9 New Series Coming from DC

Spoiler alert, these are the books (in case the idea of watching and listening to Dan DiDio talk makes you want to retch.)

Arkham Manor - another Bat Book destroys a piece of Bat legacy. Pass.

Gotham Acadamy - younger characters, Becky Cloonan. I’m in.

Deathstroke - apparently they think that now that Arrow’s version of Deathstroke has come out as a villain with a central focus on the show, now is the time to try the book again. It failed the first time, I’m betting it’ll fail again.

Lobo - It’s a real shame Marguerite Bennett isn’t writing the ongoing, she killed the one-shot. And I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I think updating old-school Lobo - a parody of the kind of toxic masculinity characterized by brute strength, anger management issues, coarse manners, profanity, and vulgarity - and turning him into a parody of today’s brand of toxic masculinity - bro-y, image-obsessed, frat guy, fedora-wearers - is actually not a bad idea. I’ll give this one an issue or two.

Klarion the Witch Boy - I liked pre-boot Klarion, but this is another male solo title - that’s 16 currently being published and 3 announced so far… (compared to 7 ladies) plus it’s being written by Ann Nocenti who I find impossible to read. Pass.

Trinity of Sin - could not care less.

Batgirl - not a new book, but I think my feelings on this are clear. Gonna buy it until they screw it up so bad it causes me physical pain to support it.

Catwoman - they’re going to tie this in to Batman Eternal, Ann Nocenti is leaving, new female writer: Genevieve Valentine. I’m ready to pick this back up.

Green Arrow - Lemire and Sorrentino are gone, boo, But the writers for the show are taking over the book… I’m probably gonna pass though.

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Leaked ‘Deadpool' movie test footage with Ryan Reynolds

Oh what could have been.


This 2 minutes is miles better than anything he did in Wolverine origins.

Why do you give us the crap instead of the nice things, Hollywood???

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I think it could be my Oscar.

Chris Hemsworth on Thor becoming a woman. (via popculturebrain)
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It’s not as though the posters for Age of Ultron have much of a non-grey color palette, except for Hulk.

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