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i figured this would be more effective on here



Wow. It just occurred to me how neglected the Hulk was in Avengers as far as a reference to his love life.

Thor was reassured of Jane’s safety.
Tony had onscreen time with Pepper, along with her concern for his safety at the end of the movie.
Steve had a (deleted) scene where he looked at a…

I know this is because Ruffalo’s Hulk has never had a movie, so there isn’t an actress who’s been cast as Betty yet…

But thanks for making me sob all the same.

Greg Rucka is perfection. 

(And in case you’re wondering, Snyder’s response was “well put.”)


This broke my heart.

Yes. My /heart/…

Worst 30 frames of film in the MCU?I think so. Yes.


Bruce Wayne watched both of his parents die.

Tony Stark has heart problems and anxiety.

Peter Parker saw his uncle being murdered.

Steve Rogers lost his best friend.

Bruce Banner attempted suicide.

If they can save the world, you can get through this day.

Never stop…

superman and lois lane | multiverse

Okay, so this is an adorable gif set and all. Yes. Good.

But, when I first scrolled to it in my dash, Tumblr did that thing it sometimes does where it replaced three of the gifs (the last three) with other random images…

Although in this case, two of the replacement images were bunnies snuggling each other and the last was a bunny and a kitten snuggling.

I’m totally wondering two things now: 1. There are TWO Earths in the DCU where everyone is bunnies? 2. Which is Lois and which is Clark, the bunny or the kitten?

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For those that miss Green Lantern TAS there’s a special surprise in today’s issue of Smallville Lantern. Go pick it up

Are you kidding me? What? WHAT?!
We knew Bryan Q. Miller liked the show [link], but I had no idea he’d pull this! Bless you, Mr. Miller. I’m buying the issue as soon as I get home.
Smallville Season 11 is a digital first series (print issues are released significantly later) written by Bryan Q. Miller. This digital issue is available now via these retailers: direct from DC | Comixology | Amazon & Kindle | Barnes & Noble & Nook
Fanterns, show your support, the issue is just $0.99!

WOW!  thank you Bryan Q. Miller!  Aya lives on in the comics!

"It’s only the end if you want it to be." - Bryan Q. Miller


Original costumes worn by Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Adam West (Batman), Yvonne Craig (Batgirl), Christopher Reeve (Superman), Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman) and Burt Ward (Robin). By Chip Kidd


One of these things is not like the others…

What, they couldn’t find any one of the THREE ‘66 Catwoman’s suits to include?

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I kinda did a crappy job telling people about this, but voice actor Josh Keaton (Hal Jordan) and I (Giancarlo Volpe, in case that wasn’t obvious) will all be at Wondercon Saturday April 19 to talk about the GLTAS Blu-ray, and other cool BluRays coming out from Warner Archive!
James Tucker, producer of Batman: The Brave and The Bold will also be there, including “surprise guests!”
11:30am -12:30pm Room 300DE.
Hope to see you there!
Edit:  I’ve been informed Jim Krieg was meant to come but unfortunately will miss the panel due to a scheduling conflict.  We will try to hold it down without you Jim!

OMG SO going to this!!


One is too many and 100 isn’t enough.