Does anyone else feel like there’s a whole season of material in the development of the plan to save Jaime?

Batgirl and Bee discovered the “Temple of Doom” (Bee’s words, Indiana Jones reference #1) on February 20. That’s 8 days before Impulse even showed up from the future! He doesn’t even tell anyone about Blue’s possible role in the Reach Apocalypse until March 30.

It takes the Team and the League three days to come up with the plan to send Atom and Bee in to Jaime’s body and remove the scarab from the inside. This plan fails, so they start working on a new one. Batgirl remembers the temple “Beneath” Queen Bee’s hideout, and together they go to Fate to translate the glyphs.

Meanwhile, on April 9, Green Beetle puts Jaime’s scarab back on mode.

The team: Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Bee, and the League: Dr. Fate, Rocket and Zatanna take approximately two months to prep Plan B, which they do behind Jaime’s back - not even knowing that he’s already a traitor. This is so interesting:

  • Fate preps Zatanna to call on the power of Isis - father-daughter bonding!
  • Batgirl and Robin hack together the scarab’s history - including a very familiar-looking first Blue Beetle (Indiana Jones reference #2) and a team up between two former bros: Sportsmaster and Deathstroke that failed to take down the indomitable Ted Kord. (How did that seemingly perfect evil bromance break up anyway?)
  • At some point there’s an opportunity for a really touching episode about how Rocket handles the crimefighting gig while being a mom and getting married.

On May 26, Mongol attacks and Batgirl and Bee are among the captives. In the search for them and the rest of the team, Nightwing finds enough evidence to suspect that Jaime is back on mode. He alerts Rocket and Zatanna that they’ll have to push up the time-table.

By May 30, everyone returns to home base and they hit go on the plan. If Impulse wasn’t in on it before, he’s brought in now. As are Gar and Cassie.

June 13, two weeks later, Alpha squad deploys and the plan goes off pretty much without a hitch. They actually manage to crash Green Beetle’s scarab too, which seems like an added bonus.

I know this plot generally deals with S2 team members, and we’ve been focusing on the S1 leads for the past few episodes: Artemis, M’Gann, and Kaldur, and to a lesser extent Dick and Conner. But this would have made a fantastic fleshed-out story for the comics at least.

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