So, here’s the Lobo redesign Marguerite Bennett was talking about getting shit for. (From this article at The Mary Sue.)

Sooooooo many feelings!

1. That’s not the Lobo I know and love! Change is Bad!
3. But Lobo isn’t supposed to be pretty!!!
4. preeeeeeeeettttyyyyy
5. This comment on that Mary Sue article Nails. It. “So what is the point of Lobo now? He was a satire of the times; a hyper-masculine, extra-badass, bulging, violent, lewd space-Wolverine. Are they playing it straight now? Or is this also a satire? A pretty, buckle-with-no-belt, lots-o-seams, sleeveless, popper-collar, serious-faced, blue-toned space bro?” - MarTeaNi
6. Now I want to read that book, MarTeaNi!

But mostly…

7. Basically, shut up fanboys! You’re proving David Willis’s point for him. This is EXACTLY what he was talking about with that comic.

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    Yeah I get that point that David Willis made, but this case is a little different because Lobo is a pre-existing...
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    I want Lobo to remain the 80s hyper-masculine caricature that he is, but can we keep this preeetttyyyy “Lobo” as another...
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    Okay, so, I like the Lobo redesign as some space bounty hunter that isn’t Lobo. Like, Space Draven or something. … Which...
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    That comic is one thing I thought of when I saw the new design, but I honestly just think the new design is boring as...
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